Solid Wood Interior DoorsWhen installing new or replacing old doors there are a number of factors certainly one ought to consider before making a purchase.

Most often Solid wood has a propensity of making doors considerably more expensive. But most people believe the cost is to be arguably due to the benefits that come with it. This isn't always the case. Today, the style of interior doors comes with a variety of designs that can be also easily custom tailored.

Solid Wood Interior Doors

Some people opt for a Hardwood Interior Door choice due to the fact that they are aesthetic. Solid Wood Interior Doors tend to have more beautiful appearances than the hollow core or the engineered. These doors are also...


Would you like to know How to Choose Interior Doors for your Home?

If you are looking at interior doors for your home in Toronto and the GTA, you will soon discover that there are many types to pick from, each with a particular range of applications.

Interior doors are generally divided into three basic types: Hinged Doors, Sliding Doors and Folding Doors.

Hinged Doors are the most common type of interior doors in Toronto. The Doors easily swing into the jamb and usually open one way. There are variety of doors available within this category – Wooden Doors, Melamine Doors, PVC Doors, French Doors, and Double Doors. Most homes in Toronto today favor the traditional choice of doors – Wooden...