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interior-door-slabs-torontoWhat does it mean Modern Interior Doors?

Over the years Doors Boutique International has drawn attention towards industry professionals to gather information for creating the best home living experience.

We wanted to bring design and new elements to interior doors. We believe interior doors are an essential element in your home. And our goal was to find out what makes interior doors appealing, and considered modern.

Interior doors is a topic many interior design professionals missed upon or don’t take seriously into consideration when designing their homes. Most interior designers gear focus towards wall details, color combination and furniture placements. But when asked with the question regarding interior doors, most interior designers say that they simply stick to the hollow, 6...


Modern Interior Doors TorontoModern Interior Doors and Their Benefits Vs Traditional Interior Doors

Interior doors are an important part of your décor and can make a dramatic difference to the way that your home looks. While people sometimes overlook this feature, the internal door you select can completely change the way that a room feels.

Whether you live in a traditional home, contemporary, transitional or modern, Interior Doors play a big role in both practicality and the functionality of the home.

There are many differences between traditional style doors and modern doors. Modern designs feature clean lines which complement contemporary spaces. Whether you are installing new doors or replacing the ones that you already have, there are several advantages to both...


custom-interior-doors-torontoAmong the few elements of a house, Interior Doors accentuate its architectural details and grace its design.

They are used all the time, open up and close. How they look and how they function leaves one with a significant impression. As a compliment to the house's overall design, one undoubtedly wants that perfect interior door.

Interior doors serve a vast sea of needs from providing security to remodeling an entire room. They help to muffle incoming noise from laundry spaces and they ensure privacy. Each door is formed from different materials and technology to meet different goals.

When making the choice on which door type is the best fitted, one should be well versed on the options available. Here are...


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