What are Modern Interior Doors?

interior-door-slabs-torontoWhat does it mean Modern Interior Doors?

Over the years Doors Boutique International has drawn attention towards industry professionals to gather information for creating the best home living experience.

We wanted to bring design and new elements to interior doors. We believe interior doors are an essential element in your home. And our goal was to find out what makes interior doors appealing, and considered modern.

Interior doors is a topic many interior design professionals missed upon or don’t take seriously into consideration when designing their homes. Most interior designers gear focus towards wall details, color combination and furniture placements. But when asked with the question regarding interior doors, most interior designers say that they simply stick to the hollow, 6 paneled, modern interior doors from the big chains. If you do visit the big chain, the possibilities are far from extended. Most doors look the same, feel the same, and say the same to fit virtually any home.

The trend for modern interior doors has created a buzz across the North American market, however what does modern interior doors really mean? Is it the color, shape and size that define each modern interior door? Or is it the combination of structural details in each home that anticipate each door?
We’ve taken the initiative to ask those who work with interior doors for decades to provide us with the answers. And the results are far from intuitive.

Meet David the Handyman from Mississauga, Ontario. David is an industry professional with over 35 years of handy man and general maintenance experience. He has been installing everything from plumbing fixtures to led pot lights, from repairing wall damages to insulation and painting. And in David’s experience, interior doors is a common bi-weekly job, installing on average 8-10 interior doors per project; in basements, bathrooms, halls and offices. When asking David about his favorite types of interior doors and the meaning of modernism when speaking of interior doors, his answer gave us a slight clue.

“I do not have favorite interior doors. I like however the sturdy, solid ones. They are practical like the ones back in the days, which were made from solid wood. And although they are heavy to install and I break a little sweat, I know that the homeowners will soon be happy. And it doesn’t get better than getting a happy homeowner at the end of a business transaction.”

“Modern interior doors? Too many times I hear the words ‘Straight lines’ and ‘Flat roofs’ when speaking of modern custom homes and working with architects and engineers. I don’t think these apply to interior doors because I can think of any door style to apply perfectly well in any home or business application. Door designs are timeless in a sense. They still reflect the same properties of safety and privacy, and their design should vary from one home to another. If I could think of modern interior doors, I would look more towards technology. Solid core and PVC are great examples. Unlike solid wood interior doors, they don’t crack or stain. You get a product that is sturdy and super-efficient. No more drum beats from your kids and no more yells from your stressful great grandmother. Now that’s what I call modern. Technology is always geared towards modernism.”

Far from the predictable, technology has indeed taken its toll in every situation. We’ve looked farther to speaking to another contractor all the way from Oakville, Ontario.

Albert is a general contractor and a custom home builder for over 35 years. With Albert’s experience, he surely knows much about interior doors as they demand attention in every build. We ask Albert of his own experience and of his subcontractors, when facing interior doors in each new build.

“I’ve worked with many interior door suppliers over the years. Each time I receive a new catalog, I look for the interior doors that will last for years to come. It is important for the homes we build, especially when they take time to settle down on new soil and foundation in the first few years.”

“My subcontractors know it when it comes to interior doors. They know that when window and door supply comes, they are to expect solid core or solid wooden doors.”

When we ask Albert about the meaning of modern interior doors, he did not take much time to study the question.
“Modern interior doors must have modern, high-end handles. That’s the key to modern interior doors. If you have great hardware and exclusive handles, you might call your door modern. This is why I like sliding interior doors, their hardware is unlike any other door. And the way you handle them is far from the traditional. You could call those modern too.”

Two distinctive ways to looking at modern interior doors. Most designers when asked, they refer to colors or shapes considered acceptable by the mass. However, when speaking to the trades, their answers are different. Less obvious when it has to do with handling interior doors.

Whether it is the old bold brown, light green, or pale pink colors of the 60s, or the plain matte white or bright gold of the 21st century, interior doors have many meanings to modern. Doors Boutique International recommends that you pick the ones that match your personality and desires most.