How to Choose Interior Doors for your Home?

Would you like to know How to Choose Interior Doors for your Home?

If you are looking at interior doors for your home in Toronto and the GTA, you will soon discover that there are many types to pick from, each with a particular range of applications.

Interior doors are generally divided into three basic types: Hinged Doors, Sliding Doors and Folding Doors.

Hinged Doors are the most common type of interior doors in Toronto. The Doors easily swing into the jamb and usually open one way. There are variety of doors available within this category – Wooden Doors, Melamine Doors, PVC Doors, French Doors, and Double Doors. Most homes in Toronto today favor the traditional choice of doors – Wooden or French. However over the last few decades PVC interior doors have gained much more presence for their efficiency and durability. PVC doors are also extremely versatile in design.

Folding Doors are divided into panels which cluster together when opening an entryway. The doors are extremely practical as they provide a natural break when dividing rooms, wide hallways, and closets. However there are some disadvantages to Folding Doors. They tend to collect more space than other door types and they require more maintenance and care. Also not all spaces are suitable for Folding Doors and installation may require much more attention. Be sure to speak to a professional when choosing to install Folding Doors.

Sliding Doors is a system in which one or more overlapping panels in parallel grooves slide up and down to open or close a space. Sliding doors is a wonderful system that can save you much room space as the door panels slide into a wall or onto each other rather than move toward room area. In Toronto, many homes and apartments containing small spaces tend to favor Sliding Doors over the other types because of their space efficiency. If Sliding Doors is your choice of doors, be sure to also pick the design you like so that your doors will really stand out from the traditional door classes.

When choosing interior doors for your home in Toronto and the GTA, make sure you pick the right door that suit your character as well as the style of your home.