Vast selection of Modern Doors

Here at Doors Boutique International, we are excited to help you find a modern interior door that is a perfect for your home and aesthetic. We want to help you express your personality or accentuate your home’s style by outfitting it with the best interior doors the industry has to offer and will assist you in any way we can in finding a door for your needs.

A modern interior door goes beyond simple wooden plans. Our doors come in a variety of shapes, sizes and styles that can help complement your home. New ideas such as sliding doors, hidden doors and more can help you maximize your home’s space and create unique aesthetics. Contemporary architecture allows for so many options, meaning you too can take advantage of the sizes, finishes and styles available on the market today. With some planning and clever ideas, your doors become essential elements and bring modern appeal to your home. Here are some interesting ideas you can use when shopping for your new doors:

Why People Choose Modern Doors

Modern interior door round glass panelsMoern looking doors TorontoWindows and Light: Choose a door with a glass pane or a few windows to maximize the light going from room to room. To retain privacy, choose an opaque pane which allows light but obscures shape. This allows your home to remain bright, airy and incorporate elements of the open-concept while using classic doors to separate physical space.

Sliding or Pivoting Doors: Maximize your precious space by opting for a sliding door or pane. Most commonly used in smaller apartments, sliding doors are excellent ways to reduce the space necessary for a door’s installation. Mimic the look of hardwood with sliding doors made to look like classic, sturdy wood.

Traditional Flair: Hardwood doors are still the most commonly installed doors on the market, owing to their sturdy, reliable capacity. The trend for traditional doors which can be classified as modern allows for home and business owners to create unique blends of classic style and contemporary beauty.

Custom Modern Doors for Your Needs

Doors Boutique now offers complete customization of measurements and cut, helping you choose and design the perfect door for your home’s interior. Our company offers the largest selection of interior doors in all styles, from contemporary to classic in solid wood, PVC, Melamine, as well as Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, French and European style Doors. We stock a huge selection of modern interior doors perfect for the contemporary home, modern aesthetic and busy lifestyle. From pre-finished to unfinished, we stock interior glass, pre-hung, sliding, folding double, shoji, shaker, and much more alongside hardware and accessories such as handles, knobs, locks and tools available for installation. We deliver doors in slabs for customization or ready for installation, along with complete installation guides and a full warranty for your benefit. Our company prides itself on the best in quality, style and make. Each of our doors meets the latest guidelines in energy efficiency and acoustic resonance, for your guaranteed satisfaction.

Doors Boutique International

Doors Boutique International invites you to our conveniently located Vaughan showroom. We showcase a variety of our products and can help you select the perfect door from our massive catalogue. Our teams will help you pick from a wide range of designs, slabs, framed, hardware and accessories should you have any questions or needs. Customize your home’s interior with the help of Doors Boutique. Call u today at our toll-free number 1-888-594-6629 or leave us your contact details so that we can get back to you as soon as possible. We also invite you to visit our showroom in Vaughan, located at 109 Fernstaff Ct Unit # 22. We look forward to seeing you soon!