French Doors for Home and Office

Of the various kinds of doors, French Doors offer a beautiful means to incorporate light and space into your home, allowing for a bright and airy look. French doors feature panes of glass inside a generally white or cream frame, and are generally used for interior room separation due to their see-through face. French doors offer stylized looks for a classic, bright decorative feel to your home.

Choosing French Doors

French Glass Interior Doors French DoorDoors Boutique International offers a massive selection of French Doors in all shapes and sizes, for interior use. Our staff’s main priority is to help you find the best door style for your home’s interior, and we will devote our time to answering your every question. Allow us to guide you through the selection process, and let us use our wealth of knowledge on the subject to find the perfect doors for your home.

Why People Prefer French Doors

People choose French interior door because it goes beyond glass panes and clean lines; it’s a way to create a unique, bright look that incorporates modern style with traditional elegance. French Doors are massively popular for cottages, homes in the country and modern homes which strive to embody some traditional beauty indoors. A French door can transform a room, letting in natural light and providing a view to the outdoors. They provide a smooth transition from interior to exterior, and can create a sense of greater space while maximizing your interior aesthetic. Modern French doors offer improved energy efficacy and insulation, durability and easy maintenance. With variants such as sliding capacity or fitted opaque glass, they are suitable for areas in which privacy is needed but which would benefit from light.

Usability Variations and Customization

Use a French door to create a division, expand your living space, create brightness from sunlight and other light factors and above all else add traditional beauty to any interior. Doors Boutique offers a variety of French doors including sliding doors, traditionally hinged doors, closet doors, louvered doors and more. We stock a huge selection of all door styles and functions, from solid hardwood to MDF. Our doors are guaranteed to be of the best quality on the market, which is why we take pride in selling such a variety for the benefit of our customers. View our catalogue for a better idea of the variants we offer.

Our company now offers complete customization of door measurements and cuts, so that our doors can fit any interior. We help our customers choose and design the perfect interior doors in all styles and types from Modern, Contemporary, Traditional, French and European. Our doors are made from solid hardwood, PVC, Melamine, as well as other variants which are perfect for the modern home and busy lifestyle. From pre-finished to unfinished, we stock interior glass, pre-hung, sliding, folding double, shoji, shaker, and much more alongside hardware and accessories such as handles, knobs, locks and tools available for installation. As we like to offer our customers custom doors, you have the option of having your door shipped in slabs or ready for installation alongside complete installation guides. We include a full warranty for the benefits of our customers, ensuring that each and every one of our doors is the best in quality, style and craftsmanship as well as meets the latest guidelines in energy efficiency, safety and acoustic resonance. In this way, we guarantee our customer’s complete satisfaction on all purchases from Doors Boutique International.

Visit our Showroom

We invite you to view our door showcase inside our conveniently located Vaughan showroom. We stock and display a variety of our products and can help you select the perfect door from our massive catalogue. Our teams will help you pick from a wide range of designs, slabs, framed, hardware and accessories should you have any questions or needs. Customize your home’s interior with the help of Doors Boutique. Call u today at our toll-free number 1-888-594-6629 or leave us your contact details so that we can get back to you as soon as possible. Our staff members are always happy to answer any and all of your questions regarding our products. We also encourage you to visit our showroom in Vaughan, located at 109 Fernstaff Ct Unit # 22.